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Prospectus Multimedia Business Education Computer Shops Chain

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Place of Origin: Egypt
Quantity: Not Specified
Packaging: Not Specified
Price: 1
Classification: Services - Investment Consulting
Product Descpription:

We will try our best to list in Stock Exchange.


Per Share Total
Offering Price $ 1.00 $ 400,000
Commissions and Investment Fees to Investment Agent $ 0.05 $ 20,000
Offering Proceeds to The Company $ 0.95 $ 380,000

These investments is to register a private limited

Ordinary Share Or Preference Share

South Africa Namibia Zimbabwe Zambia

Gambia Nigeria Senegal Sierra Leone

Rwanda Mozambique Sudan Somalia Uganda Tanzania

Libya morocco Tunisia Egypt

Bosnia Macedonia Malta Croatia Serbia and Montenegro


Belarus Armenia Azerbaijan Georgia Ukraine Moldova Estonia Latvia

Afghanistan Pakistan Kazakhstan Tajikistan Uzbekistan Turkmenistan


Palestinian Iran Iraq

India Bangladesh

East Timor



Indonesia Malaysia

Cambodia Laos Vietnam Thailand

Sri Lanka



Cuba Dominican Republic


Keep the same computing and business utilities, and skills as all developed countries.

Current generations of citizens to work for a better life and a place in history.

It's yours responsibility.

80 countries

In cities and rural.

Multimedia Interactive Courses of Business English Customer Service Finance International Languages Business Administration Marketing IT for workers, employees, professionals, business owners, business executives.
Online Delivery
E Learning
Paper Based Distance Education

Offering price $ 1.00 Per Share Total $ 400,000
Shareholders can invest in cash, property, and technologies.
Annual Return: 180%
Preference Share 8.5% annual interest

Business: IT service, software development, system integrated, global Business to Customer and Business to Business website, used computer and hardware retail sales maintenance, new hardware products, biz machines, consumer electronics etc. retail
Capital: US$ 400,000

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